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Failures in the Fenix Simulations Airbus A320

This article will explain how to use the Manual and Random failures in the Fenix Simulations A320 as well as some troubleshooting.

There are 2 different types of failures that we have modelled. Manual failures and Random failures. You can find the failure options in MCDU MENU > CONFIG.

What are Manual Failures? - Immediate Activation

Manual failures are failures that you can trigger immediately and on a condition. To trigger immediately, ensure the activation bottom right is set to Immediate and click on the failure you want to trigger.


What are Manual Failures? - Conditional Activation

Ensure the activation is set to conditional and click on the failure you want to have.

You will then be presented with a Failure Condition page. On this page, you can select when you want the failure to activate. 


As we can see I have inputted 2000 in the above feet which tells the aircraft that once we are above 2000ft it will trigger the FAC 2 failure.

You can then Arm the failure by clicking the ARM bottom left.

How do you remove a Manual Failure?

To remove a Manual Failure. Click the CLR button then click the failure which is highlighted in orange and voila.

What are Random Failures?

The aircraft now features Mean-Time-Between-Failures modelling, meaning engineering data is used to determine rough failure rates and apply that probability to your flight.

l0b0M8r Failure Type:

Since some expressed concern, we also made it a little more accessible and fun for those of you that want to dip your toes in - and you can choose a myriad of configurations, such as failing only items that will allow you to continue to your end destination, or failing any component including major ones. 

There are 3 types of random failures:

None: This disables the random failure functionality - this is enabled by default

Minor: Minor failures that will have less impact on your flight e.g FAC 1 Failure

All: All failures you can find that we have simulated e.g Engine 1 Fire

If you change this option, a new option will be added bottom right that says "Store as default" and this will store the options you have set.

Please note: the store as default option does not function in version 1.02.104 and you will have to set this every time you load into the aircraft.

Failure Rate:

Realistic or High?

Would you like a realistic failure rate using the data, or would you prefer an expedited version where things have a higher probability of happening because reality is boring?

If you change this option, a new option will be added bottom right that says "Store as default" and this will store the options you have set.


Clicking this button will trigger a random failure immediately.


We have a built-in maintenance functionality that will (kind of) simulate the maintenance team coming out to the aircraft and fixing your random failures. You can find this option in MCDU MENU > CONFIG.

Please note: You can ONLY perform Maintenance whilst on the ground.


There are 2 options.

Request Maintenance on: 

This is the category of failure that you would like maintenance to fix. To find what category your failure is, go to the manual failures page.


Clicking this option will allow the maintenance crew to perform their respective duties in fixing the issue that you're facing within the category of the failure selected.

Qyqcy3fHere we can see I have a failure within the Fuel category. I will then ensure the Request Maintenance on is set to this. I will then click request.

DthSjBfThe failure is now being diagnosed.


Hurrah! The maintenance crew have found the issue and are fixing it. 

How long does it take for a failure to be repaired?

The max time it will take for a failure to be repaired is 10 minutes. 

Help, I'm getting failures on startup?

There are many self tests that the aircraft performs so you may hear the odd alarm going off and ECAM warning after powering up the aircraft. This is normal and should clear.

Users who may get a FUEL XFEED error, this is due to the aircraft fuel not being loaded. This issue should clear once fuelling has been completed.

My engines failed with failures off?

There is an issue with the mixture cutoff/mixture decrease command causing the engines to fail. If this occurs, please remove any mixture binding or axis you may have. You can then run the mixture increase binding and the engines should hopefully come back to life.