How to Join the Fenix Sim Discord

Before beginning, it is best to already have a Discord account made, you can create one by visiting Please make sure to verify your account before joining. If you need help verifying, see this discord article here.

Once you have created your account, join using this link:

As of November 2022, our Discord server is mainly for verified Fenix customers. You can still read announcements etc, but won't be able to talk in the channels or use the customer only area. 

To verify that you're a Fenix Customer, navigate to this page ( and click the Discord button to verify your purchase status. You will then be given the A320 role on Discord. 

If you get any error when clicking the Discord button, please try doing this with incognito or another browser.

Please note: We can't provide support for issues that don't relate directly to our server.

For any Discord account issues, please direct them to Discord themselves: