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Seat Adjustment and Predictive Windshear Switches Do Not Work

There may be a conflicting sim setting or add-on installed.

Incompatible Mod

Some users have noted that when the addon, "New Lights" version 4.8.6 or earlier is installed, some switches (including PRED W/S) may not respond correctly. Please validate that removing it resolves this problem. You should update this addon to ensure compatibility, or remove it entirely until a fix has been released by this developer. 

If you notice another addon causing similar issues, please let our support staff know by submitting a ticket.

Incompatible Sim Setting

Users have noted the graphical setting "Lens Correction" also causes issues with certain click spots. Disable this setting to ensure full click spot functionality. This can be done by going to General Options -> Graphics -> Lens Correction and setting this setting to OFF.