Rudder/Tiller/PED DISC with Block 2

We've made some changes regarding this.

  • This system has been changed to accommodate realistic PED DISC functionality, wherein the rudder pedals are disconnected from nosewheel steering inputs during control checks.

  • If you DO HAVE a separate tiller axis: You do not need to do anything special - PED DISC will work as required. Please note - we will assign correct tiller behavior once you’ve moved your tiller for the first time that session.

  • If you have a combined tiller/rudder axis: You have the option to use a new hidden clickspot - the rudder pull tab - to lock out the rudder while taxiing and use the tiller. This will automatically disengage when you are on your takeoff roll and your speed exceeds 45 kts w/ Thrust Levers in FLX or TOGA.

  • In order to use PED DISC appropriately with this control scheme, please ensure your rudder is NOT locked out with the pull tab click spot, before clicking PED DISC to check rudder movement. Once you have completed the control check, click PED DISC to reset, and pull the rudder tab once again to resume taxiing without the rudder moving.