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F/CTL L/R Sidestick Fault

You receive this error and flight controls may be unresponsive.

To resolve this fault, open the MCDU Menu and go to the Config menu. Select Controls Config and change to page #2. From there move your sidestick among all of the axis' until it is properly responding. You can adjust your nullzones settings until the side stick responds correctly.

Ensure that you have properly assigned all axis' in your sidestick.

Furthermore, to those who are receiving a "Calibrate Nullzone" ECAM warning and have tried the above:

  1. Go to the MSFS Control Options
  2. Click on the device that you use to control the sidestick
  3. Click on sensitivity on the left
  4. Increase the "Dead Zone" percentage
  5. Unbind any flight control bindings that are provided as default on your keyboard.

If you're still getting the fault, recalibrate your device in the game controllers menu in Windows:

  1. Search for "Set up USB game controllers" in Windows search bar
  2. Click on the device you use to control the sidestick and click properties
  3. Click the Settings tab at the top
  4. Then click calibrate and go through the steps to calibrate your device

Users who have a TCA and use the small throttle slider, based on feedback from customers, we recommend using a 2% throttle nullzone.

Finally, a user had this issue across a couple of joysticks. It was found that they had an autopilot off binding on a different device which was causing conflicts and the sidestick fault message to always display.