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Turbulence Setting

Following real world pilot feedback, we recommend changing your turbulence setting.

In the MSFS Assistance Options > Piloting > Turbulence 

Set this to "LOW".


It stops the sim putting unrealistic up and downdraughts in, which means the aircraft is affected by the environment in a more realistic way if you set it to low. 

We did a piece of work because of IRL pilot feedback of the plane feeling like it was being tossed around like a Cessna…. looking at the up and downdraughts being injected into the simulator on all different turbulence settings and “realistic” was the same sort of levels you’d expect inside a minor thunderstorm… which, obviously IRL we’d avoid.

Initially, we considered it could be our FM that wasn’t realistic, but then having looked at the environment that it was subjected to actually, it was reacting exactly how we’d expect it to react in those specific conditions MSFS was inducing.

Hope that helps explain our rationale behind the advice.

FSRealistic Users:

Turn OFF the following options if you are experiencing issues with turbulence:

Low alt turbulence

Wind ambience