How to update your Fenix Installation

When we update the Fenix application, we will make an announcement on our announcements channel.

With the Block 2 Update, you don't need to do any uninstalling beforehand. Simply run the installer.


You have two possible options to update your Fenix installation.

The first option is to open up and login to Fenix, then press the update option in the top right corner of the Fenix application. This will download the new installer which you can then install over the top of your existing installation.

The second option is to login to the Fenix site, go to your dashboard and download the latest version.

If, for any reason, you'd prefer a full uninstall, rather than just a write over installation, you can also remove the Fenix before installing the new version. However, please note the following three folders will need to be emptied or deleted before you start the new installation.

C:\Program Files\FenixSim A320

Please ensure these three folders are completely empty before attempting a new installation of the Fenix application.

Those who choose to do a full uninstall and reinstall, your calibration and navdata will be removed.

To keep the calibration, backup the following file:
C:\ProgramData\Fenix\FenixSim A320\calibration.xml