Xbox Controller Guide

Learn how to use your Xbox Controller with our aircraft.

The best way is to create a new controller profile by going to Open Preset Manager -> Click + to create new profile -> Name the controller profile something relevant.

Set all of the controls to the ones provided by setting filter to "All" and searching for each keybind using "Search by Name". ex. Autopilot Off.

Click the empty box.

Click start scanning and then click the button on your controller (in this case DPAD RIGHT) and then click Validate.

Continue this method for the rest of the Controller button keybinds.

All Controller button keybinds:

Make sure to set the incremental throttle setting to OFF in the EFB > Fenix App > Sim Settings.

After doing this, this control profile will allow you to easily increment the throttle to a suitable taxi thrust by clicking DPAD UP once, doing so will put the thrust around this area.

Once you reach your desired taxi speed you can press DPAD DOWN to cut the throttle.

Then if you would like to increase taxi speed again click DPAD UP once again, and then DPAD DOWN to cut throttle, etc.

Once you reach the runway and are ready to take off simply click A on your controller once to go to CLB detent, once more to go to MCT detent, and once more to go to TOGA detent.

When landing click DPAD RIGHT to disengage Autopilot, and then click B once to cut throttle after the flare, once on the ground click B once to engage thrust reversers, and once more to go to max reverse thrust, at 70 knots click A twice to go back to throttle cut and use brakes as need to slow down.

When setting the Autopilot off keybind to DPAD RIGHT make sure to use the "Autopilot Off" keybind. If you use the "Toggle Autopilot Master" for example, when you use the DPAD RIGHT it will give you an ECAM warning that will not go away until you click the Acknowledge Warning button. The "Autopilot Off" keybind is equivalent to pushing the AP Disconnect button on the stick, which is the proper way to disengage the Autopilot.

Big thanks to Josh aka dapurppzz for creating this guide for our community!