Getting Started

A quick setup guide to help you get started with the Fenix Sim A320.

Thank you for purchasing the Fenix A320!


Please note: The installer will automatically install the necessary files into the Community Folder, you should not redirect this installer to install in the community folder.

There are a few things we strongly recommend you do before you fire up the simulator:

- Link your Fenix account to Discord:

- Login to the Fenix App using your email address or username and password.

- Add your HOPPIE Code & set your Display rendering options to best suit your needs. (

With Block 2, the Simbrief username has now been moved to the EFB > Settings app.

- Run Navigraph Hub to update the navdata to the latest AIRAC cycle (

Once you have loaded the Fenix in the simulator, we recommend you do the following:

- Adjust your Sounds Settings (

- Ensure your flight controls are correctly setup.

Thrustmaster TCA (

Honeycomb Bravo (

- Calibrate your Controls (

- Set your sensitivity (

- Setup the default panel state to your liking (


Fenix User Guide - C:\Program Files\FenixSim A320\docs

Fenix Knowledgebase -