How to setup your Thrustmaster TCA Throttle

In this article, we go over step-by-step on how to correctly set up your TCA throttle.

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest drivers from the Thrustmaster Website

These can be downloaded here: The drivers in this link apply to both the quadrant and captains pack.

Step 2: Ensure your throttle is calibrated in Windows

  1. Go to Windows Search
  2. Type: Set up USB game controllers
  3. Select the TCA and click properties
  4. Click Settings then Calibrate
  5. Perform the calibration

Step 3: Set up your Throttle control axes

Go to the MSFS Control Options, select the TCA throttle and ensure your throttle is assigned as the picture shows below:


Only use what is shown above and NOT the 0-100% axis.

You may need to set the Axis up manually - as sometimes these units like to pretend they're buttons. The assignments are as follows for the TCA:

Throttle 1 Axis - Joystick L-Axis X

Throttle 2 Axis - Joystick L Axis Y

If you have a joystick or another device with a sliding axis, ensure that they do NOT have a throttle axis assigned to any sliders. The ONLY device that should have a throttle axis is your TCA Throttle Quadrant.


Also, it's worth having a sweep of your assigned controls across all of your devices to check there is no double-bound axis as this will cause issues.

Step 4: Set up your flap and spoiler axes

For spoilers set the spoiler axis to JOYSTICK R-AXIS Z

For Flaps set the flap lever to JOYSTICK L-AXIS Z


If your TCA Flap handle does not respond correctly, visit:

Step 5: Set up your sensitivity

On the left side of the control options, click the sensitivity option and set your sensitivity as shown below. You should set all settings to 0%, excluding reactivity, which should be 100%.

throttle sensitivity

For TCA Sidestick Sensitivity:

Step 6: Calibrate your flight controls in the Fenix MCDU - Ensure the above 3 steps are completed first before doing the calibration

Run the Fenix throttle calibration via the MCDU MENU > CONFIG > CONTROL CONFIG

You can find a video on how to correctly use the calibration option here:

For a full tutorial on the above and also how to set up the keybindings for the different buttons on the TCA, check out 320 Sim Pilot's amazing video below:

Also, check out the following KB articles for additional help on specific issues: